BioPak Clear Cup 600ml (1000)


Dimensions: 95x140x66mm
Price Breakdown: 1000pc (50/20) | $177
Product Code: R-600Y

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Our 22oz ultra clear PET cups are the top of the line cups for smoothies, shakes, frappes, iced coffee or tea and more, their crystal clear construction showcases the product beautifully and elegantly. The cups are made from Ingeo, an innovative bioplastic made from rapidly sustainable plant based reserves not oil. They present a reduction of CO2 by 75% when compared to regular cups. Eco-friendly disposable cups provide an option for those concerned about sustainability as they are biodegradable and compostable. With more and more consumers concerned about the environmental impact their choices are having on the planet, these cups represent excellent value. A great eco-friendly alternative to the conventional cup.


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